Thursday, December 16, 2010

OMG - These Short Ribs are awesome!!!

I love good beef. I love a steak and prime rib and roast beef. I have to have it rare, or black and blue. If it's even a smidge past medium rare, I won't eat it. For this reason, I obviously don't eat beef stew. It is well done and I can't stomach that.

For that reason, it shocked me that I even wanted to try short ribs. I have been watching chefs make them for years. They always looked awesome, but knowing that it was well done beef, made me shake my head and say not for me.

Well, we are on a very tight budget right now. The company that delivers my groceries had short ribs on sale for a price that made me sit back and say "wow, I wish I liked them." I looked up some recipes and in one of them there was a comment about how this is the only beef that the reader would eat well done. So, I decided to try it.

I found a recipe that suited our tastes and tried it today. I AM HOOKED!! I am going to try them in many different styles now. See the recipe posted with the menu for this week.


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