Thursday, February 26, 2015

Meatball and Barley Stew

Today, I have a meatball and barley stew cooking in my rice cooker. I used half a bag of pearl barley seasoned with onions, lots of garlic, lots of ginger, and Sriracha. (all to taste) I added 2 pounds of little meatballs that I had previously made and frozen and 1 bad of frozen chopped spinach. I also added 1 can of condensed Campbell's French onion soup and a can of water. It smells awesome! I can't wait to eat it.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Grape Yogurt

Why don't yogurt manufacturers make grape flavored yogurt?  I have seen almost all other fruit flavored yogurts.  There is lemon and orange and raspberry and blueberry and banana and mango and passion fruit.  There is key lime and apple pie.  There are also quite a few other exotic flavors and combinations like chocolate and red velvet cake and honey.  Why not grape?  I think the Welch's company is missing a marketing opportunity. 

Today, I mixed a heaving tablespoon  of Welch's grape jam into a cup of fat free plain Greek yogurt.  OH MY!  It was luscious.  I remember having grape ice cream and grape pudding at the Welch's Grape Festival years ago.  It's time for GRAPE YOGURT!

(By the way, I haven't seen grapefruit flavored yogurt either.  I haven't tried it yet.  Although, I love grapefruit, I think it might curdle the yogurt.  Or is yogurt already curdled??  I guess I have to try it.)