Friday, March 20, 2009

Prep and Planning Make Weekday Meals a Breeze!

Does anyone else besides me watch Robin Miller on the Food Network?

I love her recipes and techniques. So I thought I would share one or two that I use all the time. Actually I started doing this long before Robin Miller, but today she reminded me.

When I plan a meal, I automatically think about what ingredients go into that meal and try to plan another meal in the same week or the following week that will use those same ingredients so that I don't have to cook something twice.

For example: If we are going to have a pasta meal, I will cook 2 pounds of pasta at the same time. I use part for the first meal, take the remaining and split it in 2. Make a casserole with some of it and a pasta salad with the rest. Most casseroles made with pasta can be frozen for future use.

Next week, we will have a pork roast on one of the days. The roast is too big for one meal on purpose! In the same week I will also have twice baked sweet potatoes with diced pork that was left over from the roast and soaked in BBQ sauce poured over the top of the sweet potatoes.

Menu to be posted in the next few hours.

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