Thursday, August 4, 2011

Today is National Lasagna Day and I am contemplating all the possible things you can do to make Lasagna more healthy. Nothing about the traditional recipes can be considered healthy. It is laden with white pasta, full fat cheeses and lots of tomatoes and meat. All of which make for lots of fat, calories and carbohydrates.

Here are some ideas for making it a bit better for you. Pick and choose a few ideas and go ahead and try it.

- use whole grain pasta
- use lower fat cheeses
- alternate the pasta strips with strips of zucchini or eliminate the pasta and
substitute with layers of zucchini.
- use ground turkey instead of beef and sausage
- eliminate the meat and use mushrooms instead
- bulk up the cheese and meat layers with frozen and thawed and well drained

Any other ideas?

Join my Healthy Gourmet YAHOO! group for more ideas.

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