Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Potatoes and Wasted Food

How often have you gone out for a burger and after the big sandwich you can't finish those fries on the side?? It happens to me all the time. Or, you just don't want to eat that much more.

Don't send the fries back to the kitchen to be tossed out. Take them home in a "doggy bag". "What???" you say. "Leftover cold fried potatoes are disgusting. They get soggy and are just not good tasting." Well, here is my take on that.

I use leftover potatoes from fast food or a restaurant to make many breakfast dishes. My favorite is potatoes and eggs.

Last week I took about 1/2 a serving of fried potatoes home from a restaurant. In the morning, I preheated the broiler and I sautéed a few leeks (you could use onions) and added the potatoes after I chopped them up. When they were hot through and a bit crispy again, I poured 3 scrambled eggs over them and stirred to make sure the eggs got through the entire pan. After the eggs looked dried on the bottom, I transferred the pan to the broiler and cooked until the eggs were puffed and no longer runny.

Remove from the broiler with a good mitt, careful not to burn yourself. Slice in wedges and serve with grated Parmesan cheese. YUMMY!


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