Friday, September 10, 2010

Find favorite foods in a new location - PIZZA

We are in the process of moving from a suburban area not far from New York City to a rural area in the mountains of western Massachusetts. The choice of the move is mine, all mine! I have been waiting since 1985 to be able to call the Berkshires my home.

One thing that has occurred to me lately though is that I need to find some "special" foods. For example, I love Pizza! It is a weekly necessity for both my husband and I. If we miss a week, we get irritable and have withdrawal symptoms. Most people think you can't find good pizza if you get too far away from NYC. Well, we have found two places that we love. The first is called Athena's Pizza in Lee, MA. They have a full Italian menu that we haven't tried yet, but the pizza is very good. The second place we found is on Route 20, in a tiny town called Russell, MA. It is in the Russell Inn. The pizza is great and the rest of the menu is just as good. The bar is so friendly, that even though we are new to the area, we felt like we were home.

Stay tuned for the next entry about our quest for good food in the mountains.


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