Thursday, April 12, 2012

Poached Eggs for Brunch

I almost always eat some kind of leftovers for breakfast.  One of my favorites is a  frittata with leftover vegetables.  Today, I had leftover mashed potatoes available.  Not exactly something to stir fry into my eggs.   What to do?  I poached 2 eggs in pockets of mashed potatoes.

I diced up two jalapeno peppers and mixed them in with the mashed potatoes.  I heated some olive oil in a non stick pan and placed the potatoes in the pan, pressing them to make a huge patty.  When the potatoes were hot all the way through and nicely browned on the bottom, I pressed a spatula into the potatoes to create two indentations.  I opened an egg into each pocket and cooked over medium heat until the white was set and the yolk was still runny.

Onto my plate, I slide the potatoes with the poached egg.  Eating the potatoes with the yolk running through them was heavenly!

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