Thursday, January 6, 2011

Testing Cookbooks

There is a niche that the Food Network has missed and that the new OWN Network has filled. Cooking is great; eating is great; but how do you know if the cookbook that you are drooling over is worth it.

Anna and Kristina can help you. The show is called Anna and Kristina's Grocery Bag. On a regular basis they choose a cookbook and test quite a variety of recipes from it. So far they have chosen Julia Child's Art of French Cooking, Jamie Oliver's At Home and a Betty Crocker tome.

The girls are not cooks. By that I mean that they are less capable than most home cooks. Their inability to understand measurements (Yesterday, they couldn't figure out what a pint was) really irritates me. However, they do a great job judging the cookbooks. One could easily watch the show and decide if the cookbook would suit their tastes and their abilities.

I highly recommend this show.


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