Monday, July 12, 2010

Pickle Juice?

Do you like pickles? I love them.

When I open a new jar of pickles it is tough for me to stop eating the whole thing. When I am done with the jar, there is always quite a bit of flavorful brine left. I always have a hard time throwing it out. Well not anymore!! There are so many uses for the brine.

I use it as a base for marinating chicken, beef and pork. I use it as a base for a cole slaw dressing. Use it as the starter for a salad dressing. Mix with yogurt for a great salad or cole slaw dressing. I use it to marinate vegetables to be roasted. And, for those more adventurous souls.....don't forget to try a pickletini. Yup! Use a good quality vodka and the pickle juice. Serve with a dill pickle spear as a garnish. It's YUMMY!


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