Monday, December 28, 2009

Cooking Around the Seasons

Last week, when I was ready to wake up the groups, I was also in the mood for cookie baking and making ham and turkey. WOW~ I said to myself, none of these groups really fit that bill. So, I created a new group. It is a group called Cooking Around the Seasons.

This is the group for sharing seasonal recipes. It also answers the questions: What to do with the turkey leftovers? How do I add variety to the Christmas ham? What do I do with the 20 gallons of apple cider I bought while apple picking? Join us and share..

The variety of holiday and seasonal cooking seems endless. There are times of the year when all I want to do is talk about cookie baking. There are other times when the prices of strawberries make me buy far more that I can use at any given time. How about those dozens of hard boiled eggs at Easter. I also love hearing about cultural specialties by seasons. What about those extra boxes of matzah?

Right now it is winter. The local fresh vegetables are few and far between here in the Northeast USA. I am focused on beans, meats, and tuber vegetables as well as soups and stews. What are you making in the winter? Do you have a favorite soup or stew? Do you cook butternut squash better than anyone you know? Share with us! Did you get a new appliance for the holidays? Want suggestions on how to use it? Do you have left over turkey or ham? Want new ideas on how to use it up? Ask questions and let us help you.


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